special events

Having a party or special event? There is nothing like having fresh sushi at your next party.  Impress your guest and clients by having fresh, delicious, and colorful sushi at your next setting.  All sushi is made fresh within minutes before serving and we only use top quality ingredients for our customers.  Mr.Pak’s offer variety of sushi programs.

Sushi Platters: Mr. Pak’s sushi platters are available 7 days a week and can be delivered anywhere within Chicago land area.  Fresh sushi can be set up bulk, round plastic trays and can even be served on attractive stainless steel trays for large orders.  All sushi items are served with wasabi, soy sauce and fresh pickled ginger.

Chef Service: Our trained sushi chefs are ready to serve at you at your next event.  Impress your guests by having our chefs customizing sushi made to order.  Your guests are able to interact with the guests giving them the sushi bar experience.

Upgrade your next event with us.  You will be surprised on how affordable and memorable this is.  Your guests will never forget the special event when the sushi chef was there.